Durante los pasados dias 1 al 3 de Octubre del 2010 se llevo a cabo en Holanda la más importante demo party de la escena Commodore: X'2010

Durante los pasados dias 1 al 3 de Octubre del 2010 se llevo a cabo en Holanda la más importante demo party de la escena Commodore: X'2010

Estos son los resultados de las competencias (copypaste desde CSDB)

C64 Demo

1Another Beginning by Offence, Prosonix
2We Are New by Fairlight
3Mekanix by Booze Design, Instinct
4Cubase64 by Mahoney
5Frighthof by Arsenic
6Portal by Lepsi De, Miracles
7The Year We Make Contact by Onslaught
8Exotic Excitement by Camelot
9Pigometrics by Secret Lab Productions
10Fu Chen by Ancients Pledge Inc.
1116 Years Metalvotze by Metalvotze
12Topless by Abyss Connection, Tristar
13Chanel No. 64 by Arise
14It's Cold by Raiders Of the Lost Empire
15Meatthing by Nuance

C64 Music
1Bored Teenagers, Expensive Shoes by Randall
2Evolver by Jeff
3x"jazz" by booker
4Storm City by FieserWolf
5Manky the Toilet Warrior by SounDemoN
68580 Doped Pigs by dalezy/Linus
7F00king DMC by PSycHo8580
8242 by Conrad
9X-2010 by Klax
10Exten-Sified by _V_
11Golem by Wacek
12Hold the Line by Stainless Steel
13Richard Bayliss is Not Here by radiantx
14Aluminum by Ole Marius Pettersen
15I'm Telling Ya by Jammer
16Octavarium by Kordiaukis
17Wafadrive in 101 by ZZAP69
18Oceans of Nibiru by Intensity
19Inception by Jan Harries
21Finding a Way Back Home by Bordeaux
22I Don't Care by Knoeki
23Tainted Love 8-bit by Zenox
24X Jingle by Trurl

C64 Graphics
125 Years of Yie Ar Kung-Fu by Veto
2Must Ache the Moustache by Duce
3D.y.m.! by Bimber
4Dislocate by Deev
5Blood Vanilla by Louie64
6Still Waiting by Carrion
7Dreamlands Gate by Yazoo
85.7 by Oxidy
9Gollum by SIT
10Tiger by Electric
11Erdkönig by Twoflower
12Demoscene Logo by Sander
13Mental Fall by Frost
14Mrs. Murphy by Sphinx
15Captain' Nino's Show by riskej
16Ancient City by KACuk
17TV Hoofd by Harlequin
18Böser Alter Mann by Zeldin
19Dragon by Miras
20Scull by Scarab
21Cyborg by Almighty God
22Hires Or Die by Wacek
23Don't Turn by Ooz
24Headgear by Motion
25Addicted to Addicted to C64 by Raven
 Headache by ptoing
27Woe Baby You're a Nag by Uka
28Dragontamer by Grass
29Flying Dragon by Joodas
30Pixellicker by hedning
31Elephant's Nipples by Leming
32Witchblade by Warp 8
33Ride to Earth by C64Camper
34Taking Care by Mr. Curly
35Batman by JSL
36Flow by Lolita
37Mushroom Chief
38Painted Live @ X by Sebaloz

Producciones presentadas fuera de las competencias :
BITS#1005 by BITS (One-File Demo)
HOC INIT EXIT preview 3 (Game Preview)
Hawkeye 2 Teaser by Boys without Brains/Onslaught (Game Preview)
Lifework by Arise (Music Collection)
Minestorm by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated (Game)
NESsivE ATtaCK (Music Collection)
Recollection #3 (Diskmag)
Sounds of the Amiga #2 by Triad (Music Collection)
The Higher Sid eXperience by SIDwave (Music Collection)
Wired by Crest (Graphics Collection)